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CIIE is a collective of interventions in the space of innovation-driven entrepreneurship in India. It has its genesis at the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship("Centre"), IIM Ahmedabad - an academic center focused on research in innovation and entrepreneurship. CIIE continues to support the research and learning undertaken by the Centre.

CIIE includes three autonomous entities:

  • CIIE Initiatives works towards incubating and accelerating startups, and is recognized and supported by Government of India's Department of Science and Technology as a technology business incubator.
  • CIIE Advisors Private Limited aims at mobilizing capital into startups that are creating disruptive solutions for or from India.
  • CIIE Regional Innovation Foundation is committed towards creating a thriving ecosystem for regional entrepreneurship across India, with particular focus on tier-2 locations.

The entities are governed through professional boards and teams. These entities operate independent of IIM Ahmedabad.

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